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Course Catalogue Archives

Are you looking for a course catalogue from an academic year before 2015-1016?

Read below for information on where to find it.

1. Course catalogue information for the following schools:

  • Education

  • Sports and Nutrition

can be found on the course catalogue archive pages.

2. For other schools

Where you can find course catalogues for other schools differs depending on your situation.

Are you currently enrolled at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences?

Are you looking for an old course catalogue for your degree programme, but unable to find it on the archive pages listed above? Please check your degree programme's intranet first to see if the course catalogue has been published there. If your search is still unsuccessful, contact the Education Office or your school's Student Desk.

Are you a graduate of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences?

For schools other than the ones listed above, you are advised to contact the school to which the relevant degree programme belongs. You can find contact details for each school at